Krish Steel | Electric Operated Goods Ropeway
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Electric Operated Goods Ropeway

By-Cable units upto 10 tons payload single or double jig-back

These ropeways have one track rope on which the carriages run and one hauling rope to pull them in both directions. Most of the drives are powered by DC motors and PLC controls. This system can operate continuously without rest. Mainly to be used for bulk loads

Monocable units from 200kg to 500kg load and 10t/hr upto 50t capacity

This system is preferred for long distances with uniform terrain and split loads. The smaller units can also run in angles which is very useful at most of the sites.

Cable cranes upto 10tons capacity and 45degrees slope

Cable cranes are mainly used at places where loads are to be lowered along the line. Mainly used in construction of dams, bridges, penstocks and erection of structures